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Discover Ploumanach

The Breton coastline is extremely charming, and the Côtes d'Armor coastline is a case in point. In fact, the most spectacular coastline in Brittany is in the Côtes d'Armor: the Pink Granite Coast. If you arrive in Ploumanac'h by car, you can park in the car park in the centre of the village. But you can also choose other car parks located a little further away and reach the village from the coast by the customs road.

Sights to do in Ploumanach

Ploumanac'h is known for its famous customs path in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast of the Côtes d'Armor and its granite rocks sculpted by the sea and the wind! The view is almost unreal! A natural site of exceptional beauty. Discover the shapes of the rocks which, sculpted by the wind, have taken on familiar forms: a bottle, a crown, a rabbit... and have fun discovering others! But that's not all, take a walk on the sand of the small beach of Saint-Guirec, in the middle of which stands the small castle of Costaérès emerging from the rocks and the sea.
To the left of the beach, looking out to sea, is the oratory of Saint-Guirec, built by an arch supported by two pink granite columns. At one time the statue was made of wood, and legend has it that girls looking for a husband would stick a pine needle in the saint's nose. If, after the tide had passed, the needle remained in the nose, then the marriage would be arranged before the end of the year. If you wish, you can continue your walk to Perros Guirec. Immerse yourself in the Breton landscape and its legends! Take a deep breath, you are in Brittany!
After discovering the beautiful landscapes of Ploumanach, drive along the Pink Granite Coast towards the camping Le Mât and visit the pretty village of Trévou-Tréguignec. Just 16 minutes away by car, continue your visits to Tréguier, this pretty commune with timber-framed houses that give it an incomparable charm. Don't forget to make a diversion to Paimpol and its colourful port, which promises a change of scenery and unforgettable memories.

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