Discover the island of Bréhat

Tourism on the island of Brehat

Brehat Island is a beautiful archipelago that you should not miss visiting during your holiday in our region. Bréhat Island is the main island but there are 86 islets and many neighbouring reefs around it. It was the first natural site classified in France and is located north of Grouezan Island.

The island of Brehat is home to many varieties of flowers thanks to the Gulf Stream, a magnificent warm current circulating around the island. For example, we can find hydrangea, mimosa, eucalyptus, aloe... but the flower that really symbolizes this island is the agapanthus. This flower blooms from April to September and is blue-purple in colour. That's why this island is also called "flower island". You can also discover several species of birds such as larks, finches, tits, robins...

Visit the Island of Brehat

Heritage is very important for this island as it is maritime and military. During the war of succession, the island was a real disagreement, the French, the Spanish, the Bretons and the English fought over the territory. The castle was destroyed several times and now this island welcomes tourists to discover its history and its splendid landscape.
To keep this natural area in good condition, it is impossible to drive a motor on the island. So get on your bikes! Or have a good walk. Don't forget to stop and enjoy this view to recharge your batteries away from the cities.

Several myths and legends revolve around this island but you have to go there to discover its secrets. It is about its lighthouse and the islands right next to it.
If you would like more information you can contact the Camping à Trévou, they will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on other Heritage sites in our area.

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