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Tourism in Treguier

If you like towns where you can feel the history in the half-timbered houses, in the stone of the cathedrals, in the cobbled streets, then you will love Tréguier! The past life of Tréguier is written in its streets, alleys and gardens. The cathedral, the cloister but also the splendid house where the philosopher and writer Ernest Renan was born, whose study has been reconstructed.


To see in Treguier

Between the Jaudy and the Guindy, Tréguier reveals itself along narrow streets and small squares, starting from the marina at the top of the hill. Tréguier has always been a place of intense intellectual and artistic activity. The town can be visited with a mixed feeling of curiosity and astonishment: the well-preserved facades of the houses of this "cité de caractère" (town of architectural interest) will transport you to a world dating from the 1400s and 1500s, the history of the town is written in the works of the artists and craftsmen who have lived there over the centuries. The monk Tugdual founded a monastery in the 6th century, and from this first nucleus, the life of the future town of Tréguier evolved. Saint Tugdual was to become one of the seven founding saints of Brittany, and Tréguier was a stage on the Tro Breiz, the famous Breton pilgrimage.

Don't miss a visit to the Gothic-style cathedral that bears the name of Saint-Tugdual, a true historical monument that houses some real works of art. You will find the elegant tomb of Saint Yves, the patron saint of the Bretons. The third Sunday in May is the Grace of Saint-Yves, an event for the town of Tréguier and the whole of Trégor.

Located halfway between Paimpol and Ploumanach, you will be free to continue your visits after discovering the charming commune of Tréguier. Paimpol will seduce you with its pretty port as will Ploumanach which has sublime beaches and breathtaking views. Back in your comfortable accommodation, relax, then enjoy the evening strolling through the pretty village of Trévou-Tréguignec.

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